HyFlex Fabrication

Building a better infrastructure.

Ncell was approached by one of our manufacturing automation customers to help them resolve several operational and design issues within their existing IT infrastructure. The customer had recently upgraded the network and the performance was substantially less than what was expected or acceptable. Outages were very common and transfer speeds were extremely slow.

The performance issues were affecting day-to-day office operations as well as productivity on the manufacturing floor. The on-going issues created production delays and at times complete work stoppages. The environment was a disaster, non-productive at times and extremely unstable.

After an initial conference call with Ncell’s IT infrastructure team, Hyflex management agreed to engage a senior-level architect to perform a custom infrastructure assessment. The assessment included documenting the existing environment, cataloging primary and secondary issues, and providing a list of recommendations. These recommendations included immediate software patches and updates to stabilize the compute environment, as well as the necessary network, switch, and hardware repairs to boost transfer speeds and eliminate outages.

The result is a well-integrated, virtualized environment which is clustered for ease- of-management and redundancy, with a fully functional backup and recovery solution. Since implementation, the changes have resulted in a consistently stable environment with a stronger guarantee of maximized uptime. Patches and updates on software are being performed proactively so the network and software is always at current levels, making it easier to integrate with other applications.

The maximized system performance allowed Hyflex to confidently expand operations to a new facility, and the plug-and-play architecture will make it easy for them as they continue to grow.  Ncell’s forward-thinking solution also makes expansion to additional locations easier because Hyflex now has the ability to replicate the architecture and remotely manage the additional locations from their headquarter facilities.


Capabilities Utilized

  • Assessed Current Architecture
  • Fixed Outages
  • Provided Immediate Solutions

“We’ve used Ncell Automation software to connect our ERP system to automated Laser cells since the very start. After several years of looking for and trying out IT infrastructure support companies, we were extremely pleased to find out Ncell could do this work also. Their knowledge of what we wanted to accomplish has proven very valuable. For the first time we have a system that provides us with the ability to maintain, update and scale operations with absolutely no down time. They are very valued partners in our ever-changing business.”

Allen Mills
President Hy-Flex Corporation