Process Management

Accurately capture part handling time and eliminate old fashioned part sorting and stacking by capturing processing time.  Eliminate inefficient part handling and give shop floor personnel the information they need to maximize productivity.




Automatic Data Collection for  ERP Systems

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Accelerate your production with MX Productivity Tools. Speed jobs through part sorting, automate shop floor data collection and take control of your shop floor.



Process Finished Pallets Faster & More Accurately

Automatic pallet identification system
Highlight hot pallets
Improve pallet processing time
Complete part control and visibility



Streamline Part Sorting & Data Collection

Easy color coded part sorting

Quickly move parts to next operation

Job Status Flags

Fast Scrap reporting

Integrates Seamlessly with your shop floor Data collection system



Automatic Label / Move Ticket Generation

Print tickets on demand or automatically

Eliminate Job Packets

Eliminate unnecessary Paper work on the shop floor



Shop Floor Data Dashboard

All completed work on screen
Scrap and inventory adjustments
Material Heat Treat/lot information

part by part job costing



Pinpoint Documentation

Color coded nested sheets

easy barcoded information

Customize your reports to fit your needs

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MX System ensures quick and efficient part processing by eliminating lost parts, late jobs and expensive paperwork. Shop floor displays and efficient Move Tickets allow personnel to easily process parts through each work center.