Manufacturing Infrastructure


We are your roadmap to success.

Technology should save money and make business goals easier to achieve. The problem comes when solutions don’t match your short and long-term business objectives. That’s why Ncell’s end-to-end solutions begin with uncovering and identifying your true business challenges, and then creating a plan to solve them. With Ncell, your technology investments won’t feel like a leap of faith.

Core Services

Integration with ERP / MRP
Networking CNC Controls
Production Optimization
Work Flow




Factory Floor

CNC Control Integration




Project Management

Our project management methodology provides consistent incremental improvements.  We leverage our deep industry knowledge to drive down costs and deliver better quality work faster. Our team understands that there’s no “one-size-fits-all” answer when it comes to a production environment. That’s why Ncell partners with multiple industry-leading vendors to provide unbiased answers that can dramatically improve productivity.



Current Projects



Goal Based




Objective Answers

We understand the information systems, relationships, and processes that deliver a cohesive, big-picture solution. A successful production environment requires all components to work together harmoniously. Ncell knows it takes a strategic and proactive approach to avoid obsolescence, technical glitches, unnecessary spending and staff frustration