Production Automation

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"Production Run 147 Complete 8:45AM""Unload Pallet Full On Laser Cell 2 10:14AM""Machine Error Laser 6""Work Order 5412 Delayed""Operator Required For Set Up Change On Laser 4 4:55PM""Production Delay: Machine Offline 3:10PM""All machines operational - 9:13 am""Job completed – Work Order 5487 Available""Material Transfer – Material Added To Tower Pallet 68"

Fast. Accurate. Competitive. You can have all three. Is the machine running on schedule? Have production requirements changed? Can we squeeze in a hot job? Ncell automation products give you the insight you need to schedule shop floor production as well as change production schedules on-the-fly. Queued jobs drive work centers to ensure the highest machine efficiency while also eliminating costly paperwork and manual processes.

FMS Control



Work Center Control

Collect Data

Real Time Information

Work Smarter & Do More

iManage provides the tools.

As a core offering, iManufacturing provides one cohesive management environment that gives users a real-time look into all current, past and upcoming production. iManufacturing synchronizes ERP, engineering and the CNC machine tools to provide complete production control and automation on the factory floor. iManufacturing’s applications suite is designed to maximize productivity and eliminate wasteful processes: Multi-User Environment, automatic nesting, break press simulation, remote machine tool management and monitoring, and custom report generation

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Real-time tracking

MX Systems keep you in the loop

MX System ensures quick and efficient part processing by eliminating lost parts, late jobs and expensive paperwork. Shop floor displays and efficient Move Tickets allow personnel to easily process parts through each work center, with real-time shop floor results being fed back to your ERP system for automatic and accurate job costing.


MX Station



Management System






With more than 20 years of experience interfacing with ERP systems, iERP is the industry standard for flexibility and functionality. With iERP, our skilled engineers have the necessary tool set to make your production automation project a snap. Integration expertise includes: Global Shop Solutions, SAP, Oracle Manufacturing, Job Boss, E2, Syteline, Visual, Epicor, Mie Solutions/FabriTrak, M1, BPICS


Gain Control of Production

Precision metalworking companies throughout North America take advantage of Ncell Production Automation solutions to streamline operations, eliminate non-value-added processes, and scale operations to support multiple machine tools and the largest flexible manufacturing systems. Our breadth and depth of experience has saved customers millions of dollars in improved productivity and reduced labor.