AccuFAB optimizes your laser production

Ncell Nesting Solutions offer a cohesive production environment that reduces production time, improves material utilization and streamlines processes.

Product Overview

From stand-alone lasers to multi-laser FMS systems, AccuFAB increases the reliability and efficiency of your laser cutting systems. AccuFAB is more than a dynamic nesting system. Getting the right part at the right time is key to your shops profitability. AccuFAB ensures you have what you need when you need it the most. Feed production data in real time back to your ERP system for accurate part costing.

Information where you want it

AccuFAB puts the right information in the right place to guarantee fast and easy part processing. Whether etched directly on a part, printed or displayed on shop floor monitors, AccuFAB helps shop floor personnel process parts quickly and accurately.

Ncell works with your existing ERP

Our products are designed to work with a variety of popular shop floor data systems, and can also collect and manage data independently.


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Speed meets Superior Standards

Our SmartPart technology makes critical programming and nesting decisions so you don’t have to. Without the need for extra time or manpower, smarter programming means more productivity where it matters: on the shop floor.

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Intelligent high speed cutting

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Comprehensive Cutting Conditions

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Fiber Laser Optimized

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Intelligent Slug Destruct

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Smartpart® Cutting Technology

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Automatic Micro-Tabbing

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Smart Grain Restrictions

It Makes Sense

Taking advantage of the high speed cutting features on your laser, AccuFAB maximizes laser throughput and guarantees part quality without the need to program manually.


More than just common line cutting, CommonSense determines when and if common line cutting is beneficial on a case by case basis and nests parts for optimal results. Because it is fully automatic, CommonSense decreases your production costs without adding additional manpower or time.


Manage complex assemblies through your lasers with KitSense. By automatically grouping assembly parts into kits, KitSense guarantees all parts for an assembly are cut together, giving you more finished products in less time. Advanced tools like automatic back fill and flexible order quantities guarantee you get the assemblies you need and the material utilization you demand.

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