MxMRP is real time monitoring

NEED TEXT Tap into real-time information on your shop floor and enjoy the benefits of increased production.

Product Overview

Eliminate time-consuming manual shop floor processes with an automatic on-the-fly system that puts accurate production data at your fingertips. MxMRP monitors and tracks every job in production and properly allocates cut times, part counts and inventory usage. MxMRP can act as a stand-alone system or integrate into your existing shop floor data collection system. Because it’s customizable, you don’t have to match our data format - we conform to yours.

Handle unplanned production changes with ease.

Make production changes or insert hot jobs and quickly know the results. Real-time monitoring and the ability to regulate output gives management more control over work flow.

Eliminate unproductive paper shuffling.

Knowledge is power. Track part counts, cycle times, material usage and heat tag/lot numbers with accurate allocation. Material and scrap adjustments are immediate in MRP.

All of your finished jobs in one place

No more error-prone and time consuming manual reporting. Get an accurate and fast look at all of you completed jobs

Expand MxStation with additional modules

Customize and control your suite of Mx products based on your shop needs.

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