Take control of your production with iManufacturing

Produce the parts you need when you need them

iManufacturing Overview

From the intelligence of its lights-out automation tools to automatic shop floor data collection, iManufacturing increases productivity while reducing operator intervention, giving you unequalled production flexibility. Building block modules allow you to build the solution that meets your goals and grows as needed. iManufacturing synchronizes your ERP, engineering and CNC equipment into a single manageable system that provides real-time views of current, upcoming and completed production on the shop floor.

Ncell works with your existing ERP

Our products are designed to work with a variety of popular shop floor data systems, and can also collect and manage data independently.

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Speed meets Superior Standards

Our SmartPart technology makes critical programming and nesting decisions so you don’t have to. Without the need for extra time or manpower, smarter programming means more productivity where it matters: on the shop floor.

Intelligent high speed cutting

Comprehensive Cutting Conditions

Fiber Laser Optimized

Intelligent Slug Destruct

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