MxManager is the hub for Mx Modules

Tap into real-time information on your shop floor and enjoy the benefits of increased production.

Product Overview

Let’s face it. Planned production is easy to manage. It’s the last minute changes and unplanned work that reduces productivity. With MxManager accurately capturing real-time information from the shop floor, you have the knowledge you need to successfully manage both planned and unplanned work. From expediting part handling with MxStation to automating shop floor data collection with MxMRP, MxManager gives you the information needed to control and maximize productivity.


Real-time monitoring

MxMRP keeps all the data together

No more error-prone and time consuming manual reporting. Get an accurate and fast look at all of you completed jobs


Smarter Labels & Tickets

Downstream control with MxStation

Rather than using more labor to sort parts faster, personnel have pop-up visuals that display the information needed to process the jobs that you need expedited.


Pinpoint documentation

Track Cut Sheets that need to be de-nested

MxPallet tracks your sheet and part information, records it, and assigns unique pallet identification numbers that are traceable.


Smarter labels & Tickets

MxTicket keeps you in the loop

Tickets are automatically created when needed, ensuring that up-to-date information makes its way to the shop floor.


Pinpoint documentation

MxReport color codes what you need

Customize your reports to fit your needs. MxReport supports easy bar coded information.