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Ncell works with your existing ERP

Our products are designed to work with a variety of popular shop floor data systems, and can also collect and manage data independently.


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Visibility & Control In One Place

MX is infinitely powerful with five different plugins that can be mixed and matched to fit your needs.

MX Manager brings it all together.

Nesting Software

AccuCAM gives you the flexibility

AccuCAM gives you the fastest, most efficient way to get from paperwork to cut parts on your lasers. The easy-to-use system is powered by an industry leading nesting engine that guarantees improved material utilization and optimized laser processing time.

AccuFAB takes nesting solutions to a higher degree of control

Ncell Nesting Solutions offer a cohesive production environment that reduces production time, improves material utilization and streamlines processes. From stand-alone lasers to multi-laser FMS systems, AccuFAB increases the reliability and efficiency of your laser cutting systems.


Production on your terms

Produce the parts you need when you need them. iManufacturing synchronizes your ERP, engineering and CNC equipment into a single manageable system that provides real-time views of current, upcoming and completed production on the shop floor.

  • Revision Control
  • Synchronize Data from all Departments
  • Optimize Material Usage
  • Remotely Manage your Shop
  • Multi-User Access





Shop floor statistics

See your overview for the work day and keep tabs on your shop. Our intelligent alert system brightly indicates when a machine has encountered an error, helping you decrease down-time and stay on track. With up to 3 lasers supported per display, true transparency has never looked so good.

You are in good company

Ncell powers hundreds of shops.