MxPallet expedites part sorting

Take advantage of unattended laser cutting and speed parts through the shop.

Product Overview

You’ve run jobs all night. You have five pallets, 60 work orders, multiple nests. Now what? Keep setting pallets to the side until someone can break them up looking for parts? The time savings of unattended laser production are easily lost if parts can’t be sorted and moved quickly. Paperwork is replaced with simple instructions that identify stacks of cut sheets and the parts you need. Shop personnel can quickly and efficiently process parts and speed production to the next operation. Put your batch production on track and stop stacking pallets.

Track cut sheets that need to be de-nested.

MxPallet tracks your sheet and part information, records it, and assigns unique pallet identification numbers that are traceable.

Control batch processed jobs like they’re a single sheet.

Shop operators know what parts require sorting first and can quickly respond to change when necessary. With no more lost production wading through stacks of parts, MxPallet lets you take advantage of unattended laser cutting and speed parts through your shop.

Expand MxStation with additional modules

Customize and control your suite of Mx products based on your shop needs.

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